Email Delivery Test

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How To: You will be sent an email, simply reply to it


If an email cannot be delivered, the email server will try to redeliver emails for a certain period of time (24h - a few days). This is the default behavior by most email servers. For some measurement targets non-delivery is the optimal case, e.g. if the your email provider/server validates an intentionally configured error in our testbed. You can ignore this notification emails.

Our Greylisting measurement address is affected by this. In case of a temporary error an email server tries to redeliver the message. Every server uses different timeouts to attempt redelivery of a message. Your report may be returned before the timeout of your server. If Greylisting is not shown as delivered in the report, you can reload the report after a few hours/days and see if the status has changed.

Some providers perform pre-filtering of To: addresses. Exclude that destination address from the list and retry sending; If another address causes issues, remove that one as well.

We are storing per-email provider aggregated statistics on the measured outbound security features. This includes use of email security technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 support, and whether the provider validates DNSSEC. We store this data for the purpose of ongoing scientific research into the adoption of email security measures. If you are your own provider, this information might personally identify you, and we ask you to consider this before participating. If you did participate in the study and would like to have your data deleted, please write to, and we will delete your data as soon as possible.

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